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Shri Shiv Khori Shrine

Lord Shiva is worshipped in many forms. He is conceived in his unborn and invisible form as Holy Lingum.

The "Shiv-Lingum" symbolizes the power behind the creation. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam.

Art at Shiv Khori Cave ShrineFamous Holy Cave Shrine of "Shiv Khori" situated situated at a distance of 70 Kms from Katra in District Reasi of Jammu & Kashmir state and depicts the natural formation of Shiv Lingum.

It is one of the most venerated Holy Cave Shrines of Lord Shiva in the region. Shivkhori Cave is a real wonder to see and measures nearly half a kilometer in length with a 4 feet high naturally formed Shiv-lingam at the heart of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

There are a lot to observe in the Holy Cave, however the best of them is the natural milky water dripping from the top to the Shiv-Ling symbolizing the eternity of the holy river Ganga. The cave is full of natural impression & images of various Hindu Deities & full of divine feelings.

The cave is in the shape of Lord Shiva's Damroo i.e. wide at the two ends while very congested at the center. The width of the cave is so less at certain place that a person can barely crawl through whereas at places it is over a hundred feet wide and quite high too.

The place also hosts a major festival on Maha Shivratri which is visited by a number of devotees from all over the country. The Shiv-Khori Shrine is well connected to Katra/ Jammu by road. The devotees can visit the place by taxi/ car. Bus service ia also available.



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