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Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati (Durga) is the Goddess of Divine strength and power. She has many attributes and aspects. Each of her aspects is expressed with a different name, giving her over 100 names, along with Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity) and Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge and learning).

ImageGoddes Parvati is the consort of the Lord Shiva - the destroyer, recycler and regenerator of universe and all life. Daughter of the mountain king Himavan and mother Mena, Goddess Parvati is the mother of Ganesha and Karttikeya.

With Lord Shiva, Goddes Parvati is a central deity in the Saivism. She is the re-creative energy and power of Lord Shiva, and She is the cause of a bond that connects all beings and a means of their spiritual being.


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