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Sudh Mahadev TempleSudh Mahadev Temple

- Believed to be 2800 years old, the Temple of Sudh Mahadev houses a natural black marble Lingam, the Trident (Trishul) of Lord Shiva and mace believed to be that of Bheema, one of the five legendary Pandava brothers. This holy Temple near Patnitop is situated at an altitude of 1225 m and is about 120 kms from Jammu - J&K. Sudhmahadev has a spring by the name Pap Nashni Bowli. It is believed that taking bath in it relieves a devotee of all sins. After bath one proceeds towards the Holy Temple of Lord Shiva. Pilgrims visit the shrine on Historic Sudh Mahadev Festival (3 day Mela) on the full moon night of 'Sawan' (June -July) to worship the Trident (Trishul) and a mace.

Shri Budha Amarnath TempleShri Budha Amarnath

Buddha Amarnath Temple is an ancient Shiva temple located at the confluence of two streams - the Nallah Gagri and the Pulstaya Nallah.

People believe that Ravan’s grandfather Pulasta Rishi performed his tapasya here and had a darshan of Lord Shiva.

Shri Budha Amarnathji Yatra traditionally follows the route from Jammu to Rajouri and then to Poonch.


Shankracharya TempleShankracharya Temple

The sacred temple of Shankaracharya occupies the top of the hill known as Takht-I-Sulaiman in the south-east of Srinagar.

The site of Shankracharya Temple dates back to 250BC.

The Saint Shankaracharya stayed at this place when he visited Kashmir ten centuries ago to revive Sanatan Dharma.

Ranbireshwar TempleRanbireshwar Temple

Ranbireshwar Temple is the other well known Shiva temple in Jammu. Ranbireshwar Temple has its own legend, its devotees and specific days of worship.

This famour temple of Lord Shiva is located opposite Jammu & Kashmr Civil Secretariat, on Shalamar Road in Jammu. In Ranbireshwar Temple, there are twelve Shiva 'lingams' of crystal measuring 12" to 18" and galleries with thousands of 'saligrams' fixed on stone slabs.

Aap Shambhu TempleAap Shambhu Temple

Aap Shambhu Temple at Roopnagar in Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir - India), is an ancient temple with a self manifested Shiva Lingam in its sanctum.

The temples is very famous among the locals especially Kashmiri Pandits and devotees throng the place especially on Mondays.

During Shivratri the Temples bears a festive look and one can see long queue of devotees waiting patiently to seek blessings of Lord Shiva.


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